DBF Community Challenges are incentivized reward mechanisms offered to individuals, allocated as results of qualified actions in the DBF ecosystem. We are introducing Community Challenges for all enthusiasts, with the goal of rewarding early adopters with DBF Tokens. Thereby creating a mechanism where individuals can contribute to the development of the platform in a transparent and verifiable way. Our objective is to build a common project based on shared values of decentralization, transparency and data ownership.


DBF Community Challenges consists of 3 types of challenges: inviting, communicating and product testing with specific objectives. Inviting your friends and professional network will enable us to grow the platform around specific communities; Communicating will help us spread the shared values of decentralization, transparency and data ownership and finally product testing allows individuals to directly participate in the construction of the product of their dreams.

Each type triggers its own set of rewards presented here:


First step is to sign up. To invite your personal and professional network, you will find your your invitation link in your launchpad under invitation bonuses. For each new contributor signed up via your link, you will receive 100 DBF tokens. You will even be rewarded for the invitations of your direct invitations. Ex: If you invite Jo via your link, you will receive 100 DBF Tokens. If Jo invites Laura via his link, you will receive 25 DBF Tokens.



Direct Invite
100 DBF
2nd Level Invite
25 DBF
3rd Level Invite
10 DBF
4th+ Level Invite

We have created community ranks to better identify top contributors who participate in building our outstanding product. Each community rank achieved will be published on the contributor’s profile with a badge. Thus, allowing the community to recognize top contributors and connect with them. Upon completion of the requirement detailed below, top contributors will be rewarded with DBF Tokens.




100 direct Invites
10.000 DBF
250 direct Invites
25.000 DBF
500 direct Invites
50.000 DBF
Community Builder
Total of 1.000
Power of Network*
10.000 DBF
Total of 10.000
Power of Network*
50.000 DBF
*Power of Network: Accumulated number of invites on all levels


Again, the first step is to sign up to start participating in our community challenges and claim your DBF tokens. In Communicating, we will reward users who spread the word about our venture by either sharing our existing content or, even better, create their own content. Find the details of each reward below:


Join DBF Telegram Group
50 DBF
Follow DBF Facebook Page
50 DBF
Follow DBF Medium Page
50 DBF
Follow DBF Twitter Page
50 DBF


Sharing our message/news via Linkedin
25 DBF
Sharing our message/news via Facebook
25 DBF
Sharing our Medium posts 
25 DBF
Retweet our message/news on Twitter 
25 DBF


Article 1000 DBF – 50.000 DBF
Blogspot 1000 DBF – 50.000 DBF
Video 1000 DBF – 50.000 DBF
If sharing isn’t enough for you, you can create your content, submit it to [email protected]

Please fill out this form to claim your DBF Tokens for following our social media channels (Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter) and sharing our posts. As soon as we verify your information, you will be awarded with the reward. If your balance remains unchanged 7 days after filling the form, please contact us at contact us at [email protected]


Register to participate in our most exciting community challenge, Product Testing. At DBF Connect, co-creation is not an empty concept. We want to create a way for our contributors to shape the DBF platform in order to give communities their power back. Each contributor can actively participate to build a better product by giving us their feedback and earn DBF tokens for their efforts.



Surveys and Polls 100 DBF – 1.000 DBF
Qualitative Interviews 100 DBF – 1.000 DBF
Focus Groups 1.000 DBF – 10.000 DBF


The Digital Blockchain Foundation is committed to utilizing the transformative power of blockchain technology to create knowledge-building communities. Popular tools used by billions need to be restructured around communities engaged in collective goals where data is protected, and value is shared. This is the reason why we are:

  • Reaching out to the community in an efficient and constant manner
  • Creating awareness and increasing knowledge about blockchain and DBF
  • Building trust by actively collaborating together

As Fred Ehrsam has theorized and shown in the graph here. Networks grow in value (black curve) as more people join in and the token economy solves the chicken and egg problem as it creates a strong incentive to contribute to the growth of the network. The earlier contributors participate, the more they are incentivized and can reap great rewards if the network becomes more successful as additional people join. It creates a virtuous circle when early contributors get a share of the success of the network.

source: Fred Ehrsam


You can now access all our community challenges via our LAUNCHPAD, the base from where you can sign up, sign in and participate:

  1. Sign up at https://launchpad.dbfconnect.io/.
  2. Check the current community challenges from the launchpad and see their requirements.
  3. Claim your DBF Tokens after completing the requirements.