The objective of the sandbox is to create a test environment to better understand how our users communicate and how they wish to interact with one another. The feature will allow users to engage with our community by discussing topics related to blockchain development and social networks.

Our number 1 priority is to allow our users to keep control over their data and give them a choice in selecting what they share with whom.




  1. Sign up or Sign in
  2. Click on Sandbox on the launchpad or
  3. Pick a Category and ask us or the community anything



In this first version of the sandbox, we have created 3 categories to facilitate interactions and steer them towards our product development:


1) DBF Connect Platform

This category is for announcements, support services and tech questions concerning the current and future state of the platform.


2) Lounge for C-Level

Only C-level executives allowed in this room and every user who applies to this lounge will be verified by DBF. The focus is to create a private place to disseminate wisdom from and to C-level executives about blockchain technology, scalability and use cases.


3) Off Topic

For the remaining topics that are not included in the 3 categories above.