The DBF Token is created with the goal to help fuel the ecosystem and giving value to individual’s relationships and activities. With this, the DBF Token makes all individuals collaborators in the DBF Ecosystem. And, in order to best reach this goal, DBF has formalized the Community Offering, as the primary mechanism for the release of tokens.Digital Blockchain Foundation will offer a community Token (DBF) in the form of a transferable ERC20 token on the Ethereum public blockchain. When the DBF Connect Platform goes live (expected second half of 2019), these tokens can be exchanged for the corresponding credit balance on the DBF Connect Platform and will be destroyed upon exchange.


  • Gives access to features on the platform
  • Rewards connections, collaboration, and cooperation among individuals by incentivizing such activities
  • Can be earned through activities
  • Supports the Community Challenges to kickstart DBF
  • Fuels the Rewards Engine
  • Smart-contracts enable automation of manual tasks, i.e. rewarding people for making introductions
  • Enables the community to take part in new features/modules of the platform


NOTE: Users cannot exchange DBF Tokens between each other.


DBF Token (ERC 20) 100%
Community Offering* Private Sale 0.5% 500.000.000
Community Challenges 3.5% 3.500.000.000
Initial Community Offering 6%
Rewards Engine 50%
Retained Reserve 25%
Team 15%
*until launch of platform expected Q3 2019


In total we will be issuing 100 billion DBF Tokens split into 4 categories: Community Offering, Rewards Engine, Retained Reserve and the Team.




The Initial Community Offering (ICO) is a fair and transparent approach to determine the value of our DBF Token. The ICO represents a milestone in the construction of our platform as it will materialize the support of our early adopters. The market validation derived from the vote of confidence will be the foundation upon which we will engineer our platform.


  • Soft Cap: € 750.000
  • Funding Target : €3.000.000
  • Date: Oct 15th – Nov 9th 2018


Additional notes: The Initial Community Offering will run for 4 weeks with a total supply of 6 Billion. If the soft cap is met, all contributions will be divided by the ICO supply of 6 Billion DBF Tokens. The amount collected will be divided the ICO supply of 6 billion previously set. As an example in the case we achieve our funding target of € 3 millions:


1 EUR = (6 billion / 3 million) = 2000 DBF Tokens

1 DBF Token = (3 million / 6 billion) = 0,0005 EUR


The DBF Tokens allocated to the Community Offering are ERC20 compatible and can be managed through any wallet that supports the standard as well as on the DBF Launchpad website. Prior to the issuance of the smart contract and the Initial Community Offering (ICO) phases, all transactions will be managed through the DBF Launchpad.

Terms and Conditions

The following table summarizes the Initial Community Offering, funding targets and caps, and accepted cryptocurrencies.

The Initial Community Offering is a fair and transparent approach to determine the value of our DBF Token. The ICO represents a milestone in the construction of our platform as it will materialize the support of our early adopters. The market validation derived from the vote of confidence will be the foundation upon which we will engineer our platform.


Initial Community Offering

Start Date 15.10.2018
End Date 09.11.2018
Amount of Tokens
Soft Cap 750.000 €
Funding Target 3.000.000 €
Accepted Cryptocurrencies ETH

The DBF Token (ERC20) will be distributed to contributors of the Private Sale, Community Challenges and Initial Community Offering approximately 6 weeks after the close of the Initial Community Offering.  This timeline is subject to further adjustments in the event of unforeseen development, legal, certification or regulatory compliance road-blocks. In the unlikely event that the Initial Community Offering’s Softcap of 750,000 € isn‘t met, up to 80% of all contributions in the Offering will be refunded based on the available balance and sent back to the contributors. The remaining 20% will be used to cover the costs associated with the organizing of the Initial Community Offering.



DBF Community Challenges are incentivized reward mechanisms offered to individuals, allocated as results of qualified actions in the DBF  ecosystem. We are introducing Community Challenges for all enthusiasts, with the goal of rewarding early adopters with DBF Tokens. Thereby creating a mechanism where individuals can contribute to the development of the platform in a transparent and verifiable way. Our objective is to build a common project based on shared values of decentralization, transparency and data ownership.

DBF Community challenges consists of 3 types of challenges, inviting, communicating and product testing with specific objectives. Inviting individuals and their professional network will enable us to grow the platform around specific communities; Communicating will help us spread the shared values of decentralization, transparency and data ownership and finally Product Testing allows individuals to directly participate in the construction of the product of their dreams.The Community Challenges will be taken off and replaced by the Rewards Engine with the official launch of the DBF Connect Platform.

More on Community Challenges:



The private sale is the token sale for early investors and is not open to the public. We have currently met 80% of our target and have raised €200.000. If you would like to participate to the private sale, please reach out directly to our CEO, Chris Tegge – [email protected].

Countdown to DBF Initial Community Offering



The purpose of the Rewards Engine is to build an incentive structure which links the individuals’ goals with beneficial outcomes for the DBF Connect platform. It ensures the success of the network by aligning the platform and individuals’ interest.  

DBF will oversee the total reserve of the pre-circulation DBF Tokens to promote the adoption and  growth of the DBF Ecosystem. The DBF Rewards Engine represents a mechanism by which the total supply of the DBF Tokens will be gradually distributed to the community. Fifty percent (50 billion DBF Tokens) of the total supply of DBF Tokens will be secured in a smart contract to be allocated by the DBF Rewards Engine, and a portion of the tokens will be released into circulation as a periodic reward. Those rewards will be allocated to individuals and ecosystem partners as well as to the DBF GmbH.

The amount of this reward will be proportional to the measure of the utilization of the DBF Token in the ecosystem. The calculation of the amount of the DBF Tokens awarded from the engine will be assessed through a defined process  that will ensure the amount is distributed fairly, using an objective and performance-based methodology. The entire process will be transparent, auditable and secure. The DBF Rewards Engine shall not exceed 10% of available DBF Tokens during each year (2019 -2023) and decrease over time until 2033 and may be used by the DBF GmbH for operations and marketing purposes in order to help ecosystem partners acquire users and bring more partners in. As the blockchain technology evolves, the DBF Rewards Engine might even become an autonomous and a trustless system.

Total tokens for rewards engine: 50,000,000,000
Year DBF Tokens Released % Released Accumulated Amount of DBF Tokens Released
2019 5,000,000,000 10.00 5,000,000,000
2020 10,000,000,000 20.00 15,000,000,000
2021 7,000,000,000 14.00 22,000,000,000
2022 5,600,000,000 11.20 27,600,000,000
2023 4,480,000,000 8.96 32,080,000,000
2024 3,942,400,000 7.88 36,022,400,000
2025 3,354,624,000 6.71 39,377,024,000
2026 2,761,973,760 5.52 42,138,997,760
2027 2,201,080,627 4.40 44,340,078,387
2028 1,697,976,484 3.40 46,038,054,871
2029 1,386,680,795 2.77 47,424,735,666
2030 1,030,105,734 2.06 48,454,841,400
2031 695,321,370 1.39 49,150,162,770
2032 424,918,615 0.85 49,575,081,385
2033 424,918,615 0.85 50,000,000,000



25% of the total supply amount will be retained by DBF GmbH in order to support future growth and to ensure that the interests of the DBF Connect Platform and the DBF Token are aligned with the ecosystem in the long term.




15% will be allocated to founders, advisors, supporters and to the development team of DBF Connect to reward their efforts and resources contributed to the work on the platform. The DBF Token allocated to team will be stored in a smart contract and vest over 3 years.


Check out our team here


DBF Connect has set up a system allowing users to earn tokens by contributing to the development of the community as well as the product. The DBF Token, serving as a utility token:

  • Gives access to platform features
  • Rewards connections, collaboration, and cooperation among people by incentivizing such activities through DBF Rewards Engine
  • Can be earned through activities on the platform
  • Fuels the Rewards Engine
  • Enables the community to participate in the development of new features & modules of the platform

The token represents far more than just an access to the platform and its usability will extend as far as the ecosystem’s imagination reach. DBF will provide a foundation for the usage of the token, manage and distribute it through sale events. The DBF Connect Platform will have guidelines and use cases and will be extended as the platform grows.